Investment Funds

Mooring Capital Fund

Hedge Fund specializing in the acquisition and management of distressed, sub-performing and performing commercial loans.

Mooring Capital Fund’s portfolio is diversified by both asset type and geography. The Fund’s expertise includes loans secured by office buildings, retail centers, warehouses, assisted living facilities, aircraft and marine vessels, and religious institutions. While the Fund has a concentration of assets in the southeastern United States, its assets are located across the country.

“By remaining a disciplined investor through its 22-year history, Mooring Capital Fund has achieved strong returns for investors through multiple economic cycles. Mooring Capital Fund has generated positive returns in all of its 22 years.”

John Jacquemin

President & CEO

Mooring Intrepid Opportunity Fund

A series of hedge funds created to capitalize on asymmetric investment opportunities with favorable risk/reward profiles.

The first of these funds, Mooring Intrepid Opportunity Fund – Series A,
was established in 2007 to profit from our expectation that the unsustainably high valuations and narrow credit spreads then present in the real estate and fixed income markets would normalize.

In 2010, Mooring Intrepid Opportunity Fund –
Series B was formed to invest in opportunities created by the BP Oil Spill.

In 2012, Mooring Intrepid Opportunity Fund –
Series C was formed to capitalize on an expectation of short-term interest rates rising sooner than the market anticipated. Series C was closed in 2016.

At the end of 2012, the holdings of Series A and B
were liquidated and capital was returned to outside investors after generating significant returns in Series A from being short the credit and equities markets beginning in 2007.