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Jul19, 2016

Mooring Capital Fund featured for having highest 2016 June YTD return amongst hedge funds.
May 10, 2016

Interview with Mooring Financial President John Jacquemin.
May 6, 2011

Fox Business:
Mooring Financial President John Jacquemin on second quarter investment strategies.

Sep 25, 2010

Why John Jacquemin sees bargains in distressed debt.
Jun 15, 2009

An in-depth discussion with John Jacquemin focusing on management of alternative assets for high net worth individuals and institutional investors.
Jun 10, 2009

Analysis and discussion with John Jacquemin, Founder and President of Mooring Financial Corporation: …the repayment of TARP funds by banks and lastly about prospects for the U.S. economy.
April 6, 2009

The New York Times:
Mooring Intrepid Fund featured for betting against corporate debt, financial stocks, and real estate investment trusts.
Oct 27, 2008

Interview with John Jacquemin about the meltdowns in housing, commercial real estate and junk bonds, and crafting a strategy for Mooring Intrepid Opportunity Fund.
Jun 27, 2006

Ernst & Young:
John Jacquemin wins Entrepreneur of the Year in Financial Services/Real Estate Category.
May 29, 2006

Washington Business Journal:
The CEO of Mooring Financial is French, profits from a collapsing economy, competes in triathlons—and shatters whatever images those characteristics often suggest.